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Skill Building Workshops


Surviving to Thrieving

An immersive workshop aimed at exploring practical wellbeing techniques. Throughout the session, participants will engage in activities and guided exercises designed to alleviate stress, restore balance, and promote resilience in the face of professional demands. Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal resilience or support your team in navigating challenges, this workshop offers invaluable tools to promote sustained wellbeing.


Career Compass

This facilitated workshop allows employees an opportunity to explore their career goals, engage in reflective exercises, and align their current efforts with their future aspirations. By creating a supportive environment that encourages curiosity, this workshop empowers individuals to develop meaningful plans for their next steps, fostering a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment within the organization.


Foundations of Connection: Communication

Are you ready to equip your team with the skills to communicate in a way that empowers others? Through interactive exercises and a supportive environment, attendees gain valuable insights and practical tools to foster effective communication, build meaningful connections, and inspire positive change in their interactions with patients and colleagues.


Trauma-Informed Physical Exam

In our small group workshop, participants have the opportunity to practice the learned content of the training on trauma-informed physical exams. The workshop is structured to provide a supportive environment where individuals can solidify learning and create shared connection with colleagues. This session is great for medical providers and nursing staff.


Giving Feedback

Enhance your trauma-responsive culture through this skill session that focuses on giving feedback. This activity  Participants will learn effective communication techniques and strategies to provide feedback clear and effective feedback that promotes an empowering environment that cultivates personal and professional development within the team.


Receiving Feedback

Participants will explore different types of feedback, investigate responses to feedback, and develop strategies to enhance their skills in receiving feedback for personal growth. This session is designed to inspire a growth mindset within the team, providing valuable insights and practical tools to learn from experiences and leverage feedback as a catalyst for professional development.

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