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Trainings and Skill Building

 Here is a list of training topics. The specific format can be tailored to meet your team's needs. Some organizations choose to build a series of trainings completed every month while others combine multiple trainings to be done as part of a staff training retreat. Sessions can be combined with specific skill workshops that include skill practice in small groups. Skill workshops are encouraged to be held in person.​Each presentation provides practical approaches, aiming to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

What We


Trauma-Informed Care 101

This presentation covers the basics of what trauma is and the lasting impact it can have on patients presenting to the clinic. It introduces the concepts of how to transform a clinic into a trauma-informed and responsive center. 


Trauma-Informed Physcial Examination

This 50 presentation goes through trauma-informed care 101 in addition to providing practice techniques to introducing, completing and concluding the physical exam portion of a visit. It is recommended to combine this with a skills component to allow participants to practice in small groups.


Trauma-Informed Decision Making

This course is a valuable resource for leaders. Learn about applying connection, empowerment, predictability, and flexibility into the daily work to increase teamwork and decrease burnout. It includes real world scenarios making it very practical. It can be paired with individual coaching to promote confidence in the skill and long-term utilization .


Individual Coaching

Experiencing burnout? Explore  and engage in reflective exercises to establish career goals and foster a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  This will then be used to create a personalized development plan and tailored action items to align current behaviors with established goals while integrating wellbeing skills.


Trauma-Informed Communication

This presentation is great for organization wide efforts to transform communication with trauma-informed techniques. This is valuable for all staff members to improve colleague and customer interactions. This presentation is recommended to be combined with a skill portion completed in small groups. 


Welcoming and Healing Spaces

This presentation discusses transforming the physical space with trauma-informed considerations that are welcoming and healing.



Participants will learn about different types of feedback, investigate their natural response to feedback, and develop strategies to receive feedback as a catalyst for professional development. This session is designed to inspire a growth mindset within the team.


It can also be expanded to include skills on giving feedback with clear and effective communiation to cultivate personal and professional growth within the team. 

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