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Winter image of evergreens covered in snow and the sun shining through the fog.

Winter Connection Challenge Starts November 26th!

The mix of short days, cold weather, and busy winter schedules can make work this time of year feel like a burden. Often healthcare workers endure this season while letting joy take a backseat. Join this free 3-week winter connection challenge to learn more about connection-based communication to help bring joy back into your interactions. 

What is it?

Winter Connection Challenge

This challenge is designed for those working in a variety of roles within the healthcare setting. Each Sunday you will receive an email that explores a trauma-informed care topic focusing on ways to foster connection at work. Participants will set an intention for the week and make a plan of small, but impactful, skills to try during that week that will help bring back joy and mindfulness.

What is it?

 Participants can engage in the challenge in a variety of levels based on individual needs. It can be as simple as reading a weekly email or include setting goals with check-ins from Diana. You decide your goal and level of involvement each week.

Don't let this season pass by as just a hectic grid. Sign up and let's bring joy back into our work and lives. 

Winter Connection Challenge

What is the time commitment?

Ready to bring joy back to the season?

Sign up for this free 3-week challenge starting November 26th

Get ready for some joy!

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